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Ge Shu

ensipa.cn| Updated: December 29, 2023 L M S

Ge Shu, deputy director of the Patent Office and director of the Strategic Planning Department at the China National Intellectual Property Administration

Data intellectual property protection regulations aim to facilitate rational data flows, effective protection and optimized utilization. The National Intellectual Property Administration conducts pilot programs in various regions, achieving notable progress.

Constructing these regulations involves identifying challenges in data transactions – such as unclear ownership, security risks, inconsistent standards and data accessibility issues. Simultaneously, it adapts to China's digital economy needs, developing a distinct data intellectual property protection system. This effort introduces innovative intellectual property concepts – emphasizing data security, and privacy and recognizing data's role in digitization and economic growth.

It combines Chinese practicality, defining elements such as protected subjects, rights, empowerment methods and protection mechanisms. Encouraging local innovation, many regions include data intellectual property rights in their digital economic development plans and policies. As of November, these pilot regions had registered over 3,000 data intellectual property rights, with pledged financing exceeding 1.7 billion yuan ($238 million).