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Beatriz Blas

ensipa.cn| Updated: December 29, 2023 L M S

Beatriz Blas, director of the Observatory on Patents and Technology at the European Patent Office

Substantial demand for technology transfers exists between the Chinese and European markets. In 2022, Chinese applicants set a record with over 15 percent growth in patent applications submitted to the European Patent Office. China leads among the top 20 patent-filing countries in terms of growth, with Huawei emerging as the top applicant, filing over 4,500 patent applications. Eight other Chinese companies, including Oppo and ZTE, also ranked in the top 50. Chinese applications show strength in digital communications, computer technology, artificial intelligence and in other fields.

The European Unitary Patent system, effective this year, simplified patent maintenance, allowing a single renewal fee under a unified legal framework. This approach is gaining popularity and is expected to be embraced by Chinese applicants. It represents a pivotal step in promoting innovation and intellectual property development, fostering diversity, cooperation and inclusivity.