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Tang Qifeng

ensipa.cn| Updated: December 29, 2023 L M S

Tang Qifeng, general manager of the Shanghai Data Exchange

In the development of data asset markets, the data commerce ecosystem plays a crucial role. Shanghai has established the nation's first specialized team for data intellectual property examinations and pilot training for data intellectual property registrations. These measures introduce established intellectual property practices and expertise into the data asset market, facilitating its growth and the creation of a structured data commerce ecosystem. The Shanghai Data Exchange, as a key participant, actively guides entities in registering their data intellectual property.

In the future, global intellectual property institutions and businesses will become vital data asset market suppliers, fostering mutual development between data asset markets and intellectual property protection. The Shanghai Data Exchange will collaborate with intellectual property management authorities to enhance the interaction between data products and intellectual property – refining data trading infrastructure, rules, and services and advancing the market-driven and value-centric development of data assets.